Writers Workshop

When you travel to Italy, some may call it a vacation. Perhaps it should be a reflection. A quiet time to gather your thoughts when you are not consumed by the day-to -day influences that create noise in your head. 

Do you have an idea, a thought an experience, a life story that needs to be told? This could be the time and place.

Here's your first assignment for our writer's workshop:

"Write whatever it is you want to say before you get here. Don't worry about how it reads, context, or grammar, or even spelling. How long? Words, like water, find their own level. Shoot for a  thousand words; more or less, isn't important. You have something to say and it'll come out. What you put down is the raw meat, the uncooked pasta. When we're finished, your readers get to savor your Beef Braciole and  Pasta Carbonara (and you get to put up with my corny analogies)."



  Stuart Reininger is an award-winning writer, author, editor and journalist.  He has taught writing, participated in seminars and hosted workshops. His writing centers on the sea; naturally so, as his combined careers include that of a professional mariner with numerous ocean voyages under his belt (keel?).


Eleven years ago Reininger decided to spend the winter in Italy.  Why? The usual reasons; the food, the art and culture, the peninsula's rich history, the food etc.. That period also awakened a dormant inspiration. He completed a book he had been working on for three years, wrote articles he'd been putting off and began a collection of short stories pertaining to the sea, and after a few years, Italy, as seen through the eyes of a sailing writer (or writing sailor) with a new-found passion.