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Visiting Monterosso in Winter

The town of Monteroso, Calabro

Winters in the States can be dreary! Fraught with ice and snow. Traveling to Italy off-season has a few things to offer. It's economical. It's warmer than a lot of the U. S.... Flights are less expensive than peak season, as are accommodations. The town is quieter and you can linger longer with no rushing about.

Take life at your own pace. Relax during "siesta" when the whole town closes down between 12:30 and 4:30. But be ready for a late supper and social life when you might already be dozing on the couch if you were in the States!

We are working on our schedule for the 2020 season. Art and Soul Italy will be an 8 day tour of local artisans, museums, churches and local towns.

Be prepared to rest and relax. The weather is not...warm! But it is not bitterly cold like the winters of New England or areas norther in Europe. Bring a warm coat, some comfortable walking shoes, and a sense of adventure.

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In the meantime, see what types of adventures we will offer on our Tours and Workshops page.

window box in January
Window box in January


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