Food Tours

Shop the local shopkeepers, then take a class at Villa Velia with local master of Calabrian food, Velia Parisi. Velia and her husband Antonio are the propietors of  Villa Velia, a bed and breakfast up a long winding mountain road in Monterossa, with amazing views. Velia will share her recipes for you to take back home. You will remember the view from their commercial kitchen fondly, for years to come.

Villa Velia is located on a high ridge overlooking the entire Angitola Valley, overlooking the lake and the sea in less than half an hour. The tower is the most interesting element of the structure and is reminiscent of the Medieval Tower of nearby Monterosso

Be ready for a mindset quite unlike the States as you shop.

Each commodity is a specialty. The butcher, the green grocer, the baker, the mini-mart with it's selection of specially chosen products ....they are open in the morning, but close from 12:30-4:30 for siesta. Be prepared to sit and relax in the afternoon and enjoy lunch complete with homemade wine and delicious limoncello as an apertif.

Enjoy life in an atmosphere that respects and relishes time well spent.

Our class will feature seasonal food because...well, that's the way food should be.